Trading Spouses "God Warrior" FULL Episode S02E01 & S02E02 (Part 1/2)

Trading Spouses “God Warrior” FULL Episode S02E01 & S02E02 (Part 1/2)

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(This is two episodes in one video)

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36 thoughts on “Trading Spouses “God Warrior” FULL Episode S02E01 & S02E02 (Part 1/2)”

  1. The father needs to divorce that lunatic and take his children far away from her. Anyone who screams like that needs to be medicated.

  2. how a white man with straight hair look like Jesus when it clearly says his skin was bronze and hair was like wool bitch bye

  3. first of bitch my race is black the only race y'all whites was manifested out of going in caves and fucking Neanderthals

  4. This lady makes Christians look real creepy and crazy overbearing one-track minded weirdo and she's nasty mean she has a bad mouth God is love I don't know who she may be talking about when she's referring to God but she's tripping

  5. It's biblical that we are all equal to the rapists and murderers and pedos. If you are a sinner, you cannot condemn sin like a hypocrite. Biblically, the holy trinity is the only mightyer then thou. whatever happened to "If not for God then surely I would be the same." It makes me cringe to see people representing Christianity this way.

  6. Mistynne D Strong

    Uh, do these individuals, not understand that hypnosis has kind of , been around .. for quite a while..? And since when , exactly .. did astrology..ever become evil, or satanic? .. I grew up in parochial schools.. and also familiar with astrology.. because my mom was into it.. and there was absolutely not one single suggestion , that.. there was any negative connotation.. to any religious people I ever knew.. nor any anti Christianity agenda.. whatsoever.. these people are just absurd..primitive minded and backward.. just because it’s different than what she does, and something she’s unfamiliar with.. doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly evil.. and her arrogant and blatantly offensive and rude.. friends .. are just religious fanatics, who hide their snobbery, behind the guise of religion..what bitches..just what Christ would have approved of.. always amazes me , the unbelievable arrogance and sense of entitlement,these people bestow upon themselves.. how dare they attack that woman like that..where , nowhere in the Bible, is psychic ability considered of the devil.. dumb bitches?.. and who exactly do they all think , created astrology.. ?.. read the first chapter of your own bible idiots.. instead of playing god, yourself ..because you absolutely are not..entitled to do so.. if you’re going to be an ignorant insecure idiot ,keep god out of it.. because he’s the one who created the heavens and the earth..which means.. the planets, the solar system.. and the stupid ignoramus .. you..stop pretending to know more about the will and nature of god, than you know nothing..obviously.. you don’t even read your own bible..that fat stupid presumptuous idiot.. had absolutely no grounds to attack things that even the Bible, doesn’t condemn.. where the hell does she get off.., acting like she knows it all..?..and for this , the bitch is rewarded with another appearance, on this much for rewarding bad’s despicable..

  7. this could have been a nice episode where they realize that they both share this connection to the universe and need for order and explanation in their spiritual life. Margaret could have noticed that although their lives are very different, they both enjoy spending time with friends and going through their own rituals. They both have given up control of their own lives in a way and put their decisions up to higher powers and they both need to listen to their own emotions and those around them and gain confidence to listen to their emotions and those of the people around them. oh well…

  8. BadWalmartCustomerService.Com

    Producer: "Boss we're almost ready to show how crazy Christians are"
    Director: "You hired the mentally unstable obese religious lady from the deep south?"
    P: "Check"
    D" Did you also hire the reasonable, pretty, slim, atheist woman from the educated north?"
    P: "Check"
    D: "How about the music? Are we good to go for the orchestral suspense music for the Christian lady whenever she's on sceen?"
    P: "You got it"
    D: "Great, great. Oh, you made sure that this woman identifies as Christian, yet never quotes scripture, or displays any of the fruits of the Holy Spirit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness self-control, as it mentions Christians should be displaying as it says in Gal 5:22-23?"
    P: "Of course sir. Whaddya take me for an amateur?"
    D: "Ok, ok I'm sorry. You always do a great job of showing certain groups in a bad light. It's just so important that we trick our viewers into thinking that this lady is what Christians are like. Forget I asked. Anyway…oh no…oh no. Is the crazy Christian lady black…hopefully uneducated?
    P: "Sorry boss we dropped the ball on that one. All of the black Christians we found we're too open minded and reasonable. We'll do better next time."
    D:"Damn! I was really hoping for a sort of Madea/The Klumps vibe. Oh well. We can malign those demographics later. Ok. Seems like we've got everything else we need. Grab that camera…let's roll!"

  9. That Cristian lady is mental and unstable. Scary. The other lady humble n down to earth. VERY VERY EYE OPENING HOW SOME PEOPLE REALY ARE. New Orleans= humble , Boston= nuts

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