The Walking Dead Final Season - "Broken Toys" Trailer Ep. 3

The Walking Dead Final Season – “Broken Toys” Trailer Ep. 3

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Watch the trailer for the penultimate episode of Clem’s journey. The Walking Dead Final Season: Episode Three, “Broken Toys,” will be available on January 15.

Telltale’s Walking Dead Saved by Robert Kirkman’s Skybound – IGN News:

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42 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Final Season – “Broken Toys” Trailer Ep. 3”

  1. Clem and the kids defeat Lilly and her group. Clem finds out that the other group that is fighting Lillys is Ricks group. Clem, Aj and the remaining kids join and find santuary with Ricks group. The end.

  2. Retarded Simmer

    Jesus christ i am so excited. I didn't realise how much i loved twd telltale franchise until this trailer came out. But just …. whoa

  3. Oh mannnnn this looks so awsome. Clementine is the best walking dead character show comics game wtv hands down. Love her

  4. BlueBunny Gaming

    I Really Feel Bad For The Guy Who Broke His Leg (Lost His Arm Depending On Your Choice) Bitten By A Dog And Now Being Tortured By Clementine And Aj

  5. 1:10 okay that was weird. It's like, it was season one, but realistic, idk if that's like in episode 3, and idk if I'm ready for that

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