The Singing Swinging Nuns of Nonnberg Abbey

The Singing Swinging Nuns of Nonnberg Abbey

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The winners of the Kaltzberg Festival, these nuns are rockin! They performed in Starlight Mountain Theaters 2009 production of The Sound of Music and were the hit of the show.

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  1. No I don't fuck with married woman I may talk to them try to save there marriage but will not have any relationship with them but to help there marriage I don't break up homes I have a gift for helping

  2. I think this is the first time I have seen this…I was always back stage when this was performed. This was AFTER curtain call (the "nuns" curtain call)…no they are not nuns, they are all actors. No nuns were injured during the run of this show! LOL No one was insulted and this didn't ruin or insult the show. The audience got a kick out of every night the show ran – at least that is what we all heard from the audience.

  3. I played Mother Abbess in this production of "The Sound of Music". To put RsbrrySwrlGrl's mind at ease, this wasn't part of the show; it was our curtain call. The director knew about it and did the choreography. I agree with you that it would be an insult to add it to the show. The audience loved having us break loose as our curtain call.

  4. lemonadecupcakes

    @RsbrrySwrlGrl I don't know. Sounds fun, regardless of where it is placed. I wouldn't be insulted by this at all.

  5. Sounds beautiful, but to pull a "prank" during a show is an insult to the show, the creators, and the audience. Especially a show as profound as Sound of Music. I just finished this show last summer and the entire show would have been ruined. I hope this was done at the end of the show as an extra and not a prank during the show.

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