The LAST Thermal Paste you'll ever need??

The LAST Thermal Paste you’ll ever need??

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You may NEVER need to use thermal paste again thanks to this new product…

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48 thoughts on “The LAST Thermal Paste you’ll ever need??”

  1. you are decreasing the heathflow area thru which the heat can be transfered to the cooler.
    the pad is smaller then the cpu but the cooler and cpu are the same size.
    this really lowers the heatflow compared to normal heatpaste.

  2. So Intel's internal CPU past is apparently poor like 20'C poor, however they claim it's longer lasting that's why they use it.. so what if you were to delid and use this under the CPU hood.. wouldn't you get what Intel claim life long product with 20 deg cooler?

  3. Well then. Other than higher risk of frying the motherboard if I drop it, its quite neat. I may give this a try on my next system.

  4. How did this douche ever succeed on youtube, He was definitely the kid who played with his lego's and read fantasy books while drinking his chocolate milk out of a twirly straw at lunch time

  5. Hi Linus, thank you so much for bringing attention to this product. I have a 2011 17" macbook Pro and this machine overheats all the time. Using the best thermal paste cpu cores stays at 80C, now with the thermal pads the average temperature dropped to 70C… This is a huge gain…no more fan noise. I am a programmer so I can't say how those pads would help with gaming but for normal use they are pretty good. Have a great year!!! cheers

  6. Know what conducts heat better than any thermal compound? Perfectly lapped and mated surfaces conduct better than putting something in between them but they have to be pretty perfect. It's possible I know that on steam locomotives they connected pipes with no gaskets for high pressure steam just because the faces of the connections were so flat and perfect.

  7. Hi
    I tried this one and it's amazing the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in both Gpu and Cpu , but when I run a stress test, my laptop not pass don't know why , I tried to repaste it twice same result ,then I returned to thermal paste( thermal grizzly) and things work fine but I lost the advantage of this pad (20 degrees cooler), my laptop is Alienware 15 R3.

  8. Ioan-Cristian Simionov

    Can you combine graphite with Thermal conductive paste? Does that make any sense ? Someone good with thermodynamics can explain please?

  9. Tried and failed on a 9900k it was hitting 100c, then I applied a good paste and it was operating at normal temps.

  10. My gf was suffering from fever so I put some thermal paste on her forehead. Apparently she is cool and hardly throttles.

  11. talks about cooling
    doesn't know what a W/mK is
    I mean no offense but that's a bit like being an architect and not knowing what a meter or foot is
    also – while the different conductivity of graphite in different directions is useful for some applications… here it's not so much, it doesn't really help with hotspots since the heatspreader of the cpu and the coldplate of the heatsink already have about 400ish W/mK – that is half that of this pads X/Y conductivity – while being a lot thicker – so they transfer heat away from hotspots much more effectively already and if you still have them this is only going to help a tiny little bit

  12. And yet in future build videos they are still using goop. If this stuff works as good or better, why would they not change their entire operation to use of these pads? What do they know that we don't?

  13. GhostShipSupreme

    But…but… isn't the point of thermal paste to fill in the microscopic grooves? Wouldn't the graphite pad still have microscopic grooves?

  14. Victor_Valiant_

    7:43 Linus's face of dread, dropping that heavy screwdriver on the board's contacts lol
    As it shows great temp on the 7980XE, I think this graphite pad will perform similarly for a 9980XE build then.
    And I just saw that these graphite pad comes in 30mmx30mm size for $10 (as in video) & 40mmx40mm size for $15. Guess they listened.

  15. 8:10 – do hipsters have calipers? 🙂
    Eagle eye? 🙂
    Seriously, are you pretending like fools or you don't want to be looking like nerds with all necessary measuring tools?

  16. Ronen Yudzinsky

    Hey Linus, do you still use these? Do you prefer to continue using thermal grease/paste for the sake of comparability? These seem like they are ideal for a company like yours, with constant hotswapping and etc. Additionally, have you tried sticking this into laptops?

  17. Jonathon Wisnoski

    looks surprisingly thick. But I guess with such amazing thermal properties it doesn't really matter. The inefficiencies are probably the the boundary between the materials as the liquid goop is probably better at sealing to both surfaces.
    What they need to do it start making heat out of graphite so that you just directly attach it.

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