The Best Coolant in the World and Why

The Best Coolant in the World and Why

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Coolant explained and which type is best for your car’s cooling system, DIY with Scotty Kilmer.

How coolant and the cooling system works in your car. Oat coolant versus Hoat coolant versus inorganic acid coolant, which is better? The history of car coolant. Hoat coolant and oat coolant explained. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years. Scotty Kilmer, gives you a chance to win a car product, by entering in this weekly giveaway.

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29 thoughts on “The Best Coolant in the World and Why”

  1. OptimisticPessimist

    Have you ever checked out Evens Coolant or any other waterless coolant? I haven't, just wondering your opinion. Thanks.

  2. Scotty, I have a question. If Hoat is so good, how come it eats the water pump seals in many Toyota's with less than 60k ? I live in the Northeast and have seen it happen a lot. My dad has too and he works at the Toyota dealer.
    I always thought maybe it has something to do with the coolant turning to acidic. But I don't know much about chemistry. Thanks for the great videos !!!

  3. Can you mix top off red dexcool with an orange dexcool? I wonder why the old dexcool used to be on red Vs the new one witch is now orange!!

  4. What about "Evanscool "? I think that is the name, Jay Leno swears by it because it is waterless and never breaks down. Supposed to be good fthe life of the car and boils at some crazy high temp. ???

  5. Use the coolant suggested in your user manual or factory service manual. Using something different, even HOAT, could cause adverse effects for your coolant system and seals.

  6. In my old Porsche that had a liquid cooled engine, I would use a mixture of Redline's Water Wetter plus distilled water and flush it once per year. This, plus the use of Redline's full synthetic ester-based motor oil, improved the heat transfer in my engine so much that the engine temp would never go above the thermostat temp regardless of the engine load or outside temperature. An added benefit was that it helped cool my oil and keep the oil pressure higher when the engine was at idle. The drawback with this stuff was that the anticorrosive additives would wear out faster in an all-aluminum engine, which I had, and had to be changed more frequently. Also, there was no boiling point elevation or freezing point depression so I couldn't use it in a climate where the temperatures would dip below freezing. This was not a problem since I lived in San Diego at the time. The car had an extremely high-pressure cooling system pressure and so the water's boiling point was sufficiently elevated that it would never boil.

  7. The OAT/HOAT coolants react with copper/brass over time so do not suit older cars with brass-soldered copper radiators.. Only use green coolant to those engines. All regular coolants contain ethylene glycol so it is all equally poisonous. Ethylene Glycol does not degrade over time. it is the chemical additives that are consumed which is why coolants need to be replaced. IAT/OAT/HOAT refers to the additives that prevent corrosion etc. Phosphates, borates and silicates depending on the colour. Note ethylene glycol is clear, the colour is just a dye to indicate what type of additive the coolant contains, The "best" coolant imo is green in that, it is safe for all engines and having to be changed every couple of years gives people a chance to check the other components of their cooling system, and they are more likely to spot perished hoses and loose clips etc, I see so many cars where people have never bothered to ever check their "long life" coolant level never mind changed/flushed it. Ethylene Glycol has lower heat absorption capacity than water so is not as effective at cooling as running plain water, however it lowers the freezing point of the coolant, while the additives raise the boil point, prevent corrosion and cavitation, improve the wetting ability and lubricate pump seals and neutralise the pH so it is not advisable to run straight water unless it's an emergency. Some universal antifreeze like Dexcool should be avoided at all costs. It has caused numerous problems which are well documented online.

  8. Hey Scotty, I just bought a 2000 Toyota Camry LE with 5SFE engine 2.2L I4 with 114k miles. I know the coolant should be pink/red for Toyotas and mine happened to have purple coolant in it. Should I flush it?

  9. Anthony Rayvon Wylder

    I've watched countless videos by you and your videos are recommended by many others. Just love your stuff Scotty!!!

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