27 thoughts on “Swinging London and Carnaby Street”

  1. I want to go back to June 1967 when I was born but to experience London in the sixties when it was a swinging mod mod world and the Beatles and the stones ruled .. all you need is love baby! ☮️❤️☮️♥️☮️. LOVE YOU LULU ♥️

  2. forestsoceansmusic

    The beginnings of psychedelia were begun by The Beatles after they met Dylan and started 'crossing-over' Rock with Folk (from their late-64 Beatles For Sale album and their single She's A Woman / I Feel Fine. Donovan up'd the pace with his Fairy Tale album of late '65 (Jersey Thursday and Summer Day Reflection Song) and Rubber Soul (also late '65) had a big influence too (especially George's "If I Needed Someone").

  3. forestsoceansmusic

    You played Hendrix & Cream from 1967, so it would've been good to hear We Love You by the Stones (their top song of '67, rather than their later, 1969 song, You Can't Always Get What You Want).

  4. forestsoceansmusic

    Finally! A 60's revisit playing the best music from then (Hendrix, Cream…had to pause at 1:26 to give my appreciation, now, back to the video)

  5. Bodie & Doyle The Professionals

    Fashion travels through time, but most people in every decade for the entirety of human existence looked like crap lol.

  6. In the latter Fifties I worked as a Structural Engineering detail draughtsman about 5 minutes walk or so from Carnaby Street and for the lunch break went to Carnaby Street and for less than 4 shillings could buy a roast beef with boiled potatoes and full veg dinner and a cup tea. A nice memory. I wasn't and I still remain 'unimpressed by Carnaby Street's subsequent trendy-ism. This YOU TUBE item exemplifies why I was unimpressed. Cobblers Street!

  7. It was a created period for fashion and music and for several decades. London city was the center of the creation where the rest of the world looked on enviously.  This british paradox between old traditional values and the new eccentric fashion and this new music with a sound so particular of these british bands were the spell of this era and wondered the all continental countries until Moscow city where russians hid out listening british bands. London city remains an appealing city more for the business than for the fashion actually. But London city always will be the great attractive city of the world. The british spirit is inside it forever. This is own secret of London.

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