Swingers Lifestyle: The Great Shaving Debate

Swingers Lifestyle: The Great Shaving Debate

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John & Jackie muse about the changing status quo of the shaving (or lack of) of ladies’ nether-regions.

44 thoughts on “Swingers Lifestyle: The Great Shaving Debate”

  1. SMOOTH as a babys ass a shaved smooth pussy and asshole on a lady is Heaven. Shaved balls, asshole on a guy is par for the course. I personally don t like a mouth full of pussy hair.

  2. It is so refreshing to hear two consenting, respectful, and loving adults speak intelligently about the lifestyle. You two are great, and a wonderful examples of how this can work, and work well.

  3. I think that it's a generational thing. Unfortunately for us who love lots of bush it appears to have started to disappear in the early to mid 90's. Guys 50 and up like the bush, and younger guys don't.

  4. Definitely clean shaved for me. I like smooth soft skin there and no hair in my mouth. My wife prefers to be bald and I have talked to a number of women who prefer that to having a bush.

  5. I absolutely love a full bush on a lady! To me it’s a mark of maturity and virility. A shaved pussy looks too much like a little girl – and pedophilia when sex is involved. A full bush also helps to hold more of the pheromones of female sexual attraction. Getting a few hairs in my mouth (which really doesn’t happen much) is a small discomfort worth bearing for the turn on a full bush is. Plus all the time, energy, and not the least – the dangers of nicks and cuts in the process of shaving those tender areas is a real turn off. We evolved to have hair in these areas and I think there’s a distinct advantage to accepting who we are naturally without kowtowing to the latest fad. That being said, I will still respect others choices and the freedom to manage their own bodies as they please. However I do hope that more will find the joy in natural simplicity of a well groomed, clean and natural full bush on both males and females!

  6. I prefer hair. It was indeed the porn industry that made shaving trendy. When performers were filming school girl prepubescent fetish films the woman would shave so to fulfill the creepy pedophile fantasy market the film was intended to serve. An adult woman is supposed to have hair down there. So ladies, be conscientious of men who can’t stomach too see or play in the Devine nature of a wombman. Subconsciously he could be into little girls.

  7. While everyone should "Wear" it and be proud however they like it, We prefer our partners to be fully shaved because to us personally it looks more attractive and makes oral sex much more enjoyable both giving and receiving. We just came across your video on this because we were getting ready to do a video for our channel on shaving and looking for opinions 🙂 stay tuned!

  8. My preference is fully shaved. For me, it is a tactile/sensory turn on. I love the smooth, silky feel under my fingers, lips and tongue. Visually, it makes no difference in my attraction to a woman. To each her own.
    On a related note, I keep myself clean shaven as well. It started in Boy Scouts were it was easier to keep clean when out on hikes with limited washing opportunities. But I loved the way it felt on me as well.

  9. I prefer shaved. First off, I think it's sexy and it tells me the woman spends some time and attention to herself there. Trimmed is good. Stubble scratches and irritates just like a mans beard does on your face. It's not the quesstion to ask on a first date, and hopefully you'll find out anyhow.

  10. My preference will always been 1) Clean shaven 2) Some sort of a small patch or landing strip 3) A bush, provided she is completely shaven around her vagina. The reason I prefer clean shaven is because I absolutely love going down on a woman and I don't want to be flossing my teeth in the process. I actually love giving more than I receive, and the less obstacles I have, the more I want to perform.

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