"Stop Sending Us Dildos" - Vanilla ISIS

“Stop Sending Us Dildos” – Vanilla ISIS

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Some people are sending boxes of dildos to the armed militia who recently took over a federal building in Oregon. They are not happy about it.

Y’all Qaeda
Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
36391 Sodhouse Lane
Princeton, Oregon 97721

7 thoughts on ““Stop Sending Us Dildos” – Vanilla ISIS”

  1. Comeonnow,really?

    OMG!  Such idiots.  I'm actually beginning to feel a bit sorry for just how moronic they have become.  Don't they have families to tell them how clownish they're looking?  I probably will feel a little bad for them at their trials…in the mean time, I'm gonna send them a big bag of assholes to go with their bag of dicks!

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