Pachter Factor Episode 125: Adults Only Games

Pachter Factor Episode 125: Adults Only Games

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AO (adults only) games on consoles, voting with your wallet, the perils of the go-big-or-go-home trend, mobile/console synergy, and much more!

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17 thoughts on “Pachter Factor Episode 125: Adults Only Games”

  1. The LACK OF AO games shows the truth about America and videogames, in a nutshell, America thinks videogames are FOR CHILDREN, the ESRB doesn´t work, nobody cares about the ESRB, makes no sense to censor Mature content, but if you think videogames are for children well then you´ll censor everything., so no heavy themes, no sex or violence cause videogames are for children according to the USA

  2. Kind of a cheat, but Tencent offers a PC port of PUBG Mobile through their official emulator (Tencent Gaming Buddy). The game plays incredibly well on mobile, but is even better on PC through this, moreso than the OG Steam version! And while emulator players are matched against each other, you can invite mobile players into your party as well.

  3. I think Pacht was wrong about a lot of stuff in this episode. Fortnite crossplatform of play anywere is a huge value to people that play fortnite. It means they can be completely device agnostic, so it 100% matters in terms of effectiveness of sales.

    Secondly, Small games 100% work that sell 1 to 2 million copies. Explains the dozens and dozens of small known indie studios that have made 1 or 2 games that sold that many units?

  4. regarding Sledgehammer…Because Condry and Scholfield hate each other! that was the whole thing that caused the downfall! I doubt they would ever work together again

  5. There are no Adult Only games on Japanese consoles and there have never been such for the current Big 3. The highest rating is a Z (18+) with D (17+) right below it. Nearly all Ecchi games have a D rating. Neither Z nor D rated games are allowed to have nudity or on-screen sexual acts. That´s why the Ecchi games have banana licking instead of blowjobs and other such innuendoes. No female nipple either, only rays of light. Just look at how tame the last Berserk game was. That´s also why Catherine is so PG-13 content-wise (it´s also rated C aka. 15+). Games as GTA V need have to have all the nudity removed when they come out in Japan. Gore is forbidden too, even in Z-rated games. So no beheadings or dismemberment. Dito for the Chinese versions and so on. Meaning that the Asian markets have the strongest restrictions on nudity/sex and violence of basically any international market.

    Pachter should have mention Germany, that´s where I am from, as Lula 3D and the uncut Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude could come out with a 16+ and an 18+ rating despite on-screen sex and full frontal nudity. But no, there is no money to be made with sex games here either.

  6. 1: It's never 'dumb' to build your own game engine. As most game engines use SDK's from Microsoft, Sony ét all and, use middleware for components of the audio/visual (animation, physics, ATI, nVidia etc); it is easier to build a game engine for a specific game, than to build a ubiquitous/uniform engine, or in your recommendation, to use UE4 or Unity.
    Please look into this with a more critical eye, as you are wrong on this point.

    2: With the cost of living being as high as it is, supply v demand in a volatile market means more squeezing of pennies. This (as you know) leads to small mistakes (by publishers) having a bigger impact on profitability, and more layoffs (studio execs and heads) when the share price is affected negatively.
    Your advice or, belief is wrong again on this: "It makes more sense to spend more on less games, than less on more games".
    It makes more sense to sub-divide your investment of money on a per-annum basis. Illustratively, if one had $100m for pure game development minus marketing, one should spend $50 on one game (probably the most popular genre, FPS) and then $25m on the next game and so on to a maximum number of games equals 5. These games should also spread the calendar providing a game release every 2-3 months.
    This would give a much better yield on the $100m, and due to the nature of the internet, one would be generating traffic to one's site (and affiliates!) throughout the year…mo' traffic mo' money.

    It was a bigger question than I think you gave the consideration of and your math was wrong, with a lot of assumptions about what consumers will tolerate for pricing and cost in this current climate.

  7. I dont understand how some games are banned and some games are not when it comes to M rated games. Grand theft auto can have nudity with strippers and hookers and a game like dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball 3, which has zero nudity and only sexual themes gets banned.

  8. I'm here early…..and seeing the subject just know I'm a fan of the work and try to see these videos early with the subject being a coincidence.

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