Newest Sex Toy Designs with JimmyJane's Ethan Imboden

Newest Sex Toy Designs with JimmyJane’s Ethan Imboden

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Designer and JimmyJane Founder Ethan Imboden at The 2015 Adult Novelty Expo, Las Vegas

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Newest Sex Toy Designs with JimmyJane’s Ethan Imboden

Starring: Ethan Imboden
Executive Producer: Editor in Chief – Scott Dadich
Producer: Creative Director – Billy Sorrentino and Senior Producer – Sowjanya Kudva
Editor: Junho Kim
Post Supervisor: Nurie Mohamed
Composer: Esbe

24 thoughts on “Newest Sex Toy Designs with JimmyJane’s Ethan Imboden”

  1. I think male sex toys (sex toys for men) are much more interesting and technologically advance then plugs and rods for women. They have masturbators that simulate actually blowjobs and devices like Soloflesh that replicates a women's butt. I mean seriously, that's halfway towards a sex droid >_< 

  2. Watching this made me feel like I just had sex with someone who couldn't decide whether they wanted to give me oral sex or just screw me and then gave up half way through to go play video games.

  3. I like Ethan Imboden's "matter of fact" delivery of his reviews, it's a refreshing departure from the usual tone of condemnation or juvenile remarks that so often are a part of mainstream new's coverage of such topics/events – that is if they cover it at all.

  4. I really don't udnerstand why I keep watching videos from WIRED or VERGE.. I KNOW its is going to be bad.. but still watch it :/

  5. That's all cool and shit, but let's be honest, these are just distractions to help pass the time until we can get Sex Droids. Sure we have that VR stuff with certain attachments, but as soon as Japan finishes creating the perfect Sex Droid, that'll be it for the human race! We're all going to be like Morty, from Rick and Morty, when he got that sex bot from space!

  6. Why the fuck is there a comic con about sex I literally have no words to say about it but just that it's just a very weird thing to find out about

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