[LOTTE DUTY FREE] 7 First Kisses (ENG) - teaser

[LOTTE DUTY FREE] 7 First Kisses (ENG) – teaser

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A blockbuster romance drama “7 First Kisses” teaser (English Version) – LOTTE DUTY FREE

21 thoughts on “[LOTTE DUTY FREE] 7 First Kisses (ENG) – teaser”

  1. cc moonlight serenity

    So basically it's Ji Chang Wook , Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk in one drama!!!!
    What was I doing this whole time

    The girl is lucky and totally gorgeous!!!

  2. That girl is really lucky considering she got to be a leading lady even just for a short part of those prominent k-actors. She is most likely at par now with Park Shin Hye or Suzy lol

  3. this short drama is legend when 1 woman is lucky to have 7 handsome men… and this drama is made for fangirl fantasy… shook…

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