Fucked up men and the women that accept it....sex talk in a 1st convo? NOOOO

Fucked up men and the women that accept it….sex talk in a 1st convo? NOOOO

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If you are the woman that thinks she HAS TO put up with this behavior….unsub from me now pls. Because I NOR OTHER WOMEN ‘need’ to hear you complain bout why men treat you poorly like this. If you accept it then you must like it huh? like it ALONE….i opt to have GREATNESS ONLY.

For the dumb ass men that do this to women…pls you feel free to leave a comment as to WHYYYY you think that is acceptable. I left the comments opne for you to do so. pls educate us on how dumb you are.

YOUNG ONES…..this is not acceptable behavior form any human do not accept poor treatment of anyone.

10 thoughts on “Fucked up men and the women that accept it….sex talk in a 1st convo? NOOOO”

  1. Kimyatta Stewart

    Love this video.
    I deserve love, loyalty and respect from a man. And he in turn deserves the same from. Going out occasionally would be a nice plus too. 🙂

  2. joyceline landry

    new at this speaking my mind and sharing my thoughts, want to post a picture?, dont know how? so love the honesty, and the message keep it up wonderful!

  3. women demand to much shit from from men, for something in return that is way over blowing and glorified for something that it isnt!

  4. the thing that's sad is that i'm sure people would call you all types of stuff like judgmental,self righteous and on a high horse simply for saying the truth. i was on this website and they talked about women who are "dickmatized". women who continue to have sex with no good men just because they have great sex. this woman said she was doing that for 12 years with this low down "man" and when i made a response i was thrown under a bus simply for stating the truth. SMH

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