Does the Hymen Have to Break?

Does the Hymen Have to Break?

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is whether or not the thin membrane in the opening of the vagina has to be broken during the first time a person has sex. We have this idea that it’s like a ribbon cutting ceremony and call it ‘losing one’s virginity’ or ‘popping the cherry.’ The truth is the hymen comes in many forms and changes in different ways depending on the person and their actions.

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33 thoughts on “Does the Hymen Have to Break?”

  1. I thought a hymen was by the cervix, and was a little blood pocket that "had no function" and it just sorta broke from sex/toys cuz it's useless and whatever and you don't have to worry about it anymore. congrats no more blood. To a point I even thought it was like, weird "first time blood lube".
    Edit: This comment got too long.

    but tmi the first time I inserted something inside me and it made me bleed profusely was not my finger or a penis, it was a…toothbrush. Someone suggested I just rawed my vaginal walls but I was certain I just "un-virgined" myself and broke my hymen. Bah, that someone was right, cuz my definition of the hymen was so ridiculously off that it was impossible for my answer to be right.

    but now I know…and where the fuck is mine? Maybe I don't have one, but that is rare and maybe I just took good care of mine (somehow????) that I never bled during sex. But…bleeding =/= bad hymen prep. Which is exactly why thinking of it this way is so weeiirdd.

    So..why do people bleed? cuz…people bleed even tho they do everything right. Maybe the cervix gets too excited and the uterine wall leftovers not attached to anything just kinda leak out? Orrr, it's like weight lifting, how your muscles tear and repair themselves, except the vaginal muscles tear (as in start to repair to be stronger) and bleed out the vagina. Then after your vaginal muscles are strong enough they stop bleeding. This is where I've gotten to after watching this video.

  2. If you break the hymen yourself are you still technically a virgin?
    I did it by accident while stretching with toys and it broke and bled an i still a virgin?

  3. On watching this video I get to understand more about my life,can u imagine my boyfriend left me after all the abuse he laid on me simply because I didn't bleed, I lost someone I love with my whole get me thinking maybe I was not okay.

  4. I have literally never run into one of these.
    I was blown away, when after a wedding, the Jewish bride, was inspected by a Rabbi/doctor. I asked my friend, what if she's not a virgin?
    She said her father would give her a roll of $100 to bribe the inspector.
    The guy stood up, and showed his fingers covered in blood.
    I looked at my friend and said, Now it's a party!
    She told me how the mothers would see her into a sheet, then the Rabbi would make a whole for the husband to poke through. Once married only her husband saw her hair. It's wigs and babushkas from that day on.

  5. I don't think I have a hymen and if I don't I would be soooo happy bcuz I have being having panic attacks about having the s word for the first time and it being so painful

  6. Haven Hasslacher

    I was ashamed the first time I masturbated because I thought I was too young (I was ten)(should I feel ashamed?) anyway at age 11 I discovered I could use objects and when I was using an object blood came out and my mom found it and asked me about it and I felt bad for my own vagina

  7. NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THE FIMBRIATED HYMEN! (Which I have lol). And it’s WAY more common than some of the ones in this video. What’s up with that?

  8. I'm not sure if my hymen is broken or not? I remember slamming down REALLY hard on my bicycle seat, and it hurt really bad, and was sore for a few days. I'm not sure if my hymen broke, or I just hurt myself. How can I tell?

  9. I understand that every woman body is different ,and what happen to some women's body can be different from someone else's body .that is why I think yes some hymen can break due to sports activities,masturbating ,tampons .and some people even say there are some women who are born with no hymen ,well my answer to that :yes that can be true .however even though I mentioned all of the things I texted above,and if one of my friends for example tells me sport activities are the cause for hymen to break,and never had sex before , then I would still believe that person is still a virgin,some people even say that some women who had sex already still have their hymen intact and my answer to that ,yes that can be true ,but there is definitely still a way to see who is really a virgin and who is not .the virgin's lady part is way way thighter ,than the lady who is not a virgin,and if a doctor tries to open a virgin's lady part ,the doctor will see that it's really really tight that even the hymen can only be seeing just a little , it's going to be hard to see the whole hymen and part of it can be seen .and the lady who is not a virgin her lady part is definitely not going to be like that.

  10. I do masturbate since i was a young teen im 19 now but i haven't really inserted anything yet not even a finger, does that still stretch the opening?

  11. I'm a guy and…my gf says she wants to bleed and the way to do that is breaking hymen. Sooo, I was wondering what it meant so thank you for this video!

  12. Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    can swimming rupture your hymen or riding on a slowly walking horse? or soccer? I just want to know, anyways the thought of even looking at my own hymen kind of makes me squeeze. Even I mainly have so far romantic( and sexual) interest in women, isn't that kind of ironic?

  13. as someone with a dick, my reaction to this video is: why? why do men care about something they don't have, mostly can't see, and wholly don't understand?

  14. Prior to losing my virginity I couldn't use tampons. My mom and other women would tell me "you're too tense! Loosen up and you'll get it!" I remember every time I did try it hurt like a mother hecker. I even tried coating them in lube. Even when I fingered myself I couldn't get too far in. Fast forward to having sex for the first time, my boyfriend at the time said it felt like he was hitting a wall when he tried penetrating. He then pushed just a liiiiitle more and suddenly there was this "POP" and he slid all the way in. Then of course later on I was able to use tampons lmao but I did bleed quite a bit. I'd been examined once prior by my primary care doctor but she never said anything; she just spread my minora a little to take a looksy

  15. Stupidity with Mira

    I have an imperforate hymen. I have periods regularly but I get concerned. I’m 14. Should I be concerned? Do I need surgery?

  16. Hellopeopel Peeps

    Mine probably broke, I've been in dance classes many years, and I have my period. I've never had sex, and haven't had my first kiss so..

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