Celebrity Wife Swap US S04E11 - Tommy Davidson Corey Feldman

Celebrity Wife Swap US S04E11 – Tommy Davidson Corey Feldman

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Celebrity Wife Swap US S04E11 – Tommy Davidson Corey Feldman.

41 thoughts on “Celebrity Wife Swap US S04E11 – Tommy Davidson Corey Feldman”

  1. Michelle Rodriguez

    Corey feldman is a vile human being. And too think i almost fell for his bullshit. When he is literally programming other women.

  2. I have mad respect for Tommy & Amanda. The way a real couple should be. Blessings to them of many beautiful years of happiness.

  3. Ok everyone it is official Corey Feldman is a threat towards women everywhere and has proven what a fucking cunt of a loser he is in the first 10 minutes of this show. Wow he brainwashed those two girls, Jim Jones would be very proud now girls drink the juice Corey gives you. Who the fuck serves vegan cakes. FUCK vegans the ruin the whole world.

  4. I want 10 million to name paedophiles in Hollywood so I can make a bullshit band a sexually exploit a bunch a dumb young girls and dress them like angles

  5. IsisWinter Magick

    Corey is creepy and I’m positive as to the reason why he could only get 3 women who are even more clueless then he is to follow him around and be treated like they’re idiot stepford women. He is so disgusting n gross

  6. if they choose another path…all this goes away,, even demons come as angels of light contracts are used to bind to a certin agreement or condition…. very decepive and controling

  7. hes learned how to manipulate ppl with low self esteem seems like hes turned into the monster he talks about in Hollywood n I know hes bright enuf to realise it too ,hes actually  dark n strange n copies off mj by being eccentric to make ppl look at him ive gone right off him now

  8. Florida Hollingsworth

    Corey Feldman is an ugly stupid little troglodyte. He learned his lessons well, the victim is now the abuser. At least he got movie roles from when the Hollywood elite fucked him, what's he giving those poor girls? NOTHING NADA ZIP ZILCH! Love it that you altered his voice to sound like the weak little faggot that he is.

  9. Corey Feldman is a fuckin nut job this is why i dont buy into coreys poor me victim bullshit…. p.s. your band sucks huge ass

  10. Feldman is such an UGLY little creep. Why are his lips fucked off. He’s no MJ, can’t sing or dance. He’s definitely no Hugh Hefner, either. He needs to get a life & a job and stop copying people. STOP BEGGING FOR CASH TOO, loser. You’re homely as fuck!

  11. 'If you followed my diet then you would have more confidence. You are here but you could be up here.' F-ing asshole!
    I know this man has suffered trauma in his life and I support him trying to expose paedophilia in Hollywood (he needs 10 million dollars?) I get that he may be threatned and that he needs help and support to expose people but asking for money to do a movie is ridiculous! He is so disrespectful of women as well. Especially of another person's fiance.(asking her to disrobe, pose in lingerie,etc.) She is obviously not comfortable.
    Why doesn't he do the workouts himself? Talk about making someone feel so shitty about themselves. Asking to sign a contract?!
    I wonder if he looks back on this and asks himself how stupid he was…

  12. corey F…a creepy hefner wanna be…yuck.

    tommy davidson…"well its pretty hard not to know who i am"…..ah, no, its easy…both creeps.


    that Tommy guy seems like such a nice gentleman why can't more dudes be like him? I'm sure he has flaws but he appears perfect


    honestly does not eating any meat and replacing it with fruit with all that sugar going to help you loose weight ?

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