Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed -- [original version]

Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed — [original version]

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In this re-imagined narrative, Edward Cullen from the Twilight Series meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s an example of transformative storytelling serving as a pro-feminist visual critique of Edward’s character and generally creepy behavior. Seen through Buffy’s eyes, some of the more sexist gender roles and patriarchal Hollywood themes embedded in the Twilight saga are exposed – in hilarious ways. Ultimately this remix is about more than a decisive showdown between the slayer and the sparkly vampire. It also doubles as a metaphor for the ongoing battle between two opposing visions of gender roles in the 21ist century.

• Read my post on why I made this remix:

• More on fighting the bogus takedown of this video by Lionsgate:

• Frequently Asked Questions post about the remix, including why I intentionally left the color differences:

• This transformative remix work constitutes a fair-use of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright law. “Buffy vs Edward (Twilight Remixed)” by Jonathan McIntosh is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-3.0 License – permitting non-commercial sharing with attribution.

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• Though this is not a “vid” it is inspired by vidding. Learn about the long history of fannish vidding:

• Since people are asking for the music snippets:
0:05 ‘Panic Attack’ – X-Ray Dog
0:39 ‘Clandestine Spirit’ – X-Ray Dog
1:45 ‘Play it by Ear’ – Summercamp
3:10 ‘Mercy of Darkness’ – Two Steps from Hell [&]
3:39 ‘Power of One’ – X-Ray Dog (Twilight Trailer)
5:00 ‘Gothic Power’ – X-Ray Dog (LOTR Trailer)
5:35 ‘Eyes on Fire’ – Blue Foundation (Twilight Soundtrack)

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Jonathan McIntosh (Team Buffy)

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20 thoughts on “Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed — [original version]”

  1. Oliver Anderson

    I'd never noticed the blue-green filter used in the Twilight movies, but now that I have, it's distracting and ugly.

    That inherent problem with the movies aside, this was very clever.

  2. I don't think I will ever stop loving this video. When the Twilight movies came out, people were either Team Edward or Team Jacob, but I was Team Buffy.

  3. This is supposed to be interesting and entertaining? I dont get why bad acting mixed with a 90s TV series makes anything worth watching. The only people that even seem to like this crap are people trying to find "sexist agendas" in the Twilight series? Because if that is what you are trying to find, just remember this: The Twilight crap was basically a poor attempt of someone to write a modern Mills & Boon book. The story is crap, the thesis is crap, the idea is crap (I mean vampires shine in the sun?!?!?!?!WTF), not to mention the acting which was such crap it was pathetic. So after all that crap why would you possibly think that the character interactions would be in any way in line with the Modern PC culture? You are watching the wrong crap if that is the case. I didn watch the Twilight series for multiple reasons, but trying to find a feminist reason for not liking this shit, seems a little "late to the show" if you know what I mean.

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